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A Spiritual Jewel in Atlanta,
  is Your Complete Spiritual Center  as well as Book Store and Gift Shop!   Our qualified and talented practitioners offer spiritual counseling, family and chemical dependency guidance, Hypnotherapy,  intuitive 
                                                      readings and alternative                                                           healing methods.

SYNCHRONICITY  is continuing to offer classes, including a number of new innovative Classes on various spiritual and metaphysical subjects such as Healthy Life Styles, Scripting, World Religions, Psychic Development and Personal Healing; including all levels of Reiki, and other alternative healing methods.

SYNCHRONICITY  has expanded with a variety of new quality books, CDs, crystals, stones, candles, incense, jewelry, and other items for your spiritual growth and fulfillment. Synchronicity has  added new staff and practioners to the Synchronicity family. Please stop by and enjoy the new welcoming spiritual environment. Grab a book and sit in our comfortable sitting and reading areas for your relaxation and reading pleasure.  




  • Sitting and Reading Areas
    Sitting and Reading Areas
Sitting and Reading Areas
Sitting and Reading Areas

At Synchronicity, we are focused on providing  quality products and services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.